Сироткина Ирина

Sirotkina Irina

Research Fellow, Institute for the History of Science and Technology,
Russian Academy of Science (Moscow, Russia) since 1989


Contact information:


Institute for the History of Science and Technology, 1/5 Staropansky per. Moscow 103 012 Russia


(7095) 432 7225;


(7095) 925 9911;

Research interests:


History of the human sciences, especially of psychiatry and psychology; history of medicine in Russia.


Academic Degrees:


1989 - Candidates of Science (Psychology), Moscow State University,
2002 - Ph.D. (Sociology), University of Manchester, UK.


Selected publications:


  • (2003) Diagnosing Literary Genius: A Cultural History of Psychiatry in Russia, 1880-1930. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. MLA Award in Slavic Literature and Languages.
  • (2003) "Psychology in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe" (with с Jaromir Janousek), The Cambridge History of Science. Vol. 7. The Modern Social Sciences, ed. Theodore M. Porter and Dorothy Ross. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 431-449.
  • (2002) "A Family discussion: The Herzens on the science of man", History of the Human sciences 15 4:: 1-18.
  • (2002) "From illness to health and back: Psychiatrists on Pushkin's genius", Bulletin of Psychology and the Arts 3 1: 20-24.
  • (2002) "Mad genius: the idea and its ramifications", Intellectual News 10 (Spring 2002): 91-98.
  • (1999) "Nicolas Bernstein: un physiologiste, figure de proue de la psychologie russe? " Bulletin de psychologie 52 4: 481-90.
  • (1998) "The notion of illness in the works of N.N. Bazhenov" History of Psychiatry 9: 135-49.
  • (1995) "Nikolai Bernstein: the years before and after "Pavlovian Session" ", Russian Studies in History, 34, no 2: 24-36.