Козлова Марианна Сергеевна

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Kozlova Marianna
Ph.D. (biology)

Department of History of Biological and Chemical Problems,
The Vavilov Institute of the History of Natural Sciences and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Staropansky per. 1/5. 103012 Moscow RUSSIA.

The Theme of Dissertation: The Development of the concepts on the role of the biological factors in the anthropogenesis (from Ch.Darwin up today) 1992.

Research Themes: The history of evolutionary anthropology, the history of human evolutionary ecology.
List of main publications (not available now)

Kozlova M.S. was born in 1960.12.25.

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Telephone: (priv.) (095) 241-39-94
  (off.) (095) 928-11-89
Fax: (off.) (095) 925-99-11